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WW2 US 2nd Ranger Battalion M1 Helmet

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This is a tough one to let go of.  The helmet is a front seam swivel bale McCord M1 with a heat stamp of what I think is 863B.  The helmet has a period applied WW2 2nd Ranger Battalion Diamond on the rear.  I have been able to trace the history of this helmet back about 20 years to the original well know US helmet collector who acquired it out of the woodwork in Pennsylvania at that time.  Unfortunately, that is as far back as I can trace the history on it and I haven't been able to find any kind of identification markings on the helmet.  Having this helmet in hand I am 100% confident that the Ranger Battalion Diamond is 100% period applied.  This helmet surfaced well before Saving Private Ryan and the influx of forgeries that have appeared since.  As with all my helmets this one comes with my life time guarantee of originality.